Black Belt Success System

Confidence through self-defense skills:       


Black Belt represents a number of important traits:

 High personal standards

 High levels of self confidence in ability to follow through and get the job done despite any obstacles

 Razor sharp focus and concentration skills

 Leaders.  Leadership training is an important aspect of advanced Martial Arts training

 Strong value placed on contribution and service to others

 Principle that we can have anything in life, as long as we help as many people as possible achieve what they want in life

 Black Belts finish jobs

 Healthy and coordinated people who value their physical and mental well being

 Less apt to fall into abusive habits that might threaten their sense of wellness

 Black belts are secure in their ability to take care of themselves

 Feel no need to show off or brag, trained in an atmosphere of respect and courtesy

 Black Belts develop intense levels of self discipline and self control that aid them in areas of achievement


Expect extraordinary benefits:       


Positive self-image and pride:  A positive self-image leads to victory.  If you want to be a champion Black Belt, you must hold a positive image of yourself.  One is not naturally born with a positive self-image, it must be learned and practiced.  Studying the Martial Arts is an excellent way to enhance your pride.  The motivating force of pride will drive you to accomplish your objectives.

Courage to overcome fear:  Courage is the maker of a champion Black Belt, and it is a characteristic that only winners possess.  Courage is a measure of your heart, your desire, your inner strength.  Courage will keep you from being intimidated by the prospect of failure.  Fear is a natural part of life, but it can drive you to perform better if you have the courage to face it.

Self-discipline and respect:  The Martial Arts philosophy teaches the importance of respect for one's self and others.  All Black Belt students must follow the Student Oath.  Students will learn to set goals and be self-motivating in achieving them.  A positive mental attitude will evolve.  Our younger students have self-confidence to resist peer pressures and the disastrous effects of drugs and gangs.

Understanding conflicts means peaceful resolution:       

Why Hap Moo Do:  The study of Hap Moo Do began thousands of years ago in Korea.  Hap Moo Do was designed on the concepts of self-defense and character development.  The principle stressed in the Hap Moo Do philosophy are respect, confidence, discipline, mental alertness, and a positive attitude towards life.

Courage:  the maker of a champion Black Belt:       

Positive image:  learned and practiced.  Self-discipline and respect:  evolved from positive mental attitude and achievement

The Masters of Martial Arts:       

High levels of enthusiasm and positive reinforcement:  Our qualified instructors are energetic and outgoing.  The Black Belt instructors have advanced training and continue to upgrade their skills.  They have a sincere interest in your self-improvement, and in helping you reach your goals.  Classes are intense workouts and we offer exciting programs for adults, children and families.  Our convenient and flexible scheduling has been designed with our students in mind.  We offer inspirational newsletters to keep you motivated.

Modern approach to self-defense:  Park's Black Belt Academy is dedicated to helping others develop confidence through self-defense skills.  Our modern teaching techniques focus on the nature and structure of conflicts and how we can resolve them peacefully.  Safety is always our greatest concern, we have a genuine interest in our students progress and development.  Our staff is willing to go the extra mile for you.



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