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Hap Moo Do

Only Park¡¯s Black Belt

Academy offers:


¡¤ Tae Kwon Do


¡¤ Judo


¡¤ Hapkido


¡¤ Jujitsu


¡¤ Weapon defense


Armed and Unarmed arts:       


Although karate, judo, and a few other types are well known in the West, there are hundreds of martial arts.  The chief difference between them lies in the use or absence of weapons.  In Japan the term bujutsu was once used to cover all the military arts. Among the arts in which weaponry plays a significant role are:



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*    Honor and well - being

      to humanity


*    Strong human principles,

     morals, and devotion

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The Masters of Martial Arts

Hap Moo Do (Synergy of Tae Kwon Do, Ju Do, Hapkido and Self-Defense)

Serving eastern Wisconsin in Sheboygan (920-452-7999)

Hap Moo Do is based on justice, morality, wisdom, knowledge and manners.

It is used to make a person strong physically and mentally with power and technique to protect oneself and others and to make a more peaceful world.


As times change martial arts must also change. The old style martial arts is not always

best for the modern world. People have less time and technology has changed. Also the ways in which people interact has changed since ancient times. 

The old martial arts each has it¡¯s own special techniques. Tae kwon do has speed and kicks. Ju do has throws and sweeps. And hp ki do has joint locks.


Hap Moo Do takes the best of these martial arts and combines them to produce a superior martial art that is effective in many different situations.  So you can train a short time and reach your goal of confidence, good health and power. It will also develop a clear mind and respect for others.


Hap Moo Do can be used by all regardless of sex, age or nationality.


As with any physical active one must continually practice to remain at top proficiency. When attacked your defense must be swift and automatic. If you pause to think of what technique to use it is too late, you have already been hit. So continue to practice so your reaction is instinctive.  ¡°Practice makes perfect and permanent.¡±




Armed Arts:

Unarmed Arts:










Kung fu



wu shu








Hap Moo Do



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Thai kick boxing