Reaching Goals and


Practice makes perfect.  Master Park and staff instruct the arts with unequalled excellence and care for students.

Martial Arts provides positive self-image, courage to overcome fear, self-discipline, and respect.

Achieving excellence:       


To help students achieve their goals they will be tested regularly and their progress will be assessed by an Instructor.


 Achieving a Black Belt is a multi-year goal for most people, along the way there are short-term objectives to advance in skill level.

 Learning to set and achieve goals will help students become more successful in other areas of their lives as well.


Through the years, the Martial Arts Industry has grown rapidly.  It has grown out of the image of a gym to that of a school, with a curriculum which outlines goals and objectives.  A strong classroom structure is the key to the Black Belt Success System -- it helps the student stay focused on his or her own goals.


Class schedules:       


 A class schedule will help you manage your time more efficiently and allow you to take advantage of more opportunities

 A few productive classes a week is all it takes for you to improve your outlook grow healthier, and live a happier life.

 We offer group lessons, and you may inquire about the availability of private lessons

 Our class schedules were carefully thought out, with the student's convenience in mind

Evaluate the program yourself by making an appointment with Master Park who will be most happy to answer any questions and outline the program in more detail.



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